THE BIOGRAPHY – Volume II – Reform

Parliament Vol2- 9780857522245 The history of Parliament is the history of the United Kingdom itself. It has a cast of thousands. Some were ambitious, visionary and altruistic. Others were hot-headed, violent and self-serving. Few were unambiguously noble. Yet their rowdy confrontations, their campaigning zeal and their unstable alliances framed our nation.
This second of two volumes covers the extraordinary transformations of the last two hundred years, when politics truly took on its current form. The vote is extended to include the working classes and, eventually, women. The Labour Party is born. The world is torn apart by two extraordinarily bloody World Wars. And the political scandal is invented…
This is riveting, flawlessly researched yet accessible popular history for anyone with an interest in why we are the nation we are today.

Friday, 24th October 2014

The Author/Chris Bryant

CB2Chris Bryant is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Rhondda since 2001 and the Shadow Minister for Borders and Immigration since 2011. He was previously the Minister of State for Europe and the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

His previous books include a biography of Sir Stafford Cripps and Possible Dreams, a personal history of the British Christian Socialists.

Chris who is no stranger to public speaking was educated at Cheltenham College and then Oxford and is a familiar face on Question Time.

A Warm Welcome Back

The Book Festival was delighted to welcome backChris Bryant to the United Free Church. Chris talked about his latest book “Parliament – The Biography” Volume II – Reform.
It must be said, Chris exceeded all expectations. Once again, Chris proved to be a highly articulate and skilled speaker and the audience was very impressed with his vast knowledge and his virtually flawless but also humorous delivery.
He quickly engaged with the audience which included the Mayor of Cowbridge Councillor Peter Knapp and Mrs Jo Knapp, Alan Cairns MP, and a party of students from Cowbridge Comprehensive School. After a very lively question and answer session many attendees took the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with Chris while he signed copies of his book “Parliament – The Biography”.
Apparently, Chris is writing yet another book (where does he find the time!), – it is to be hoped that we can tempt him to visit Cowbridge, once again, in the not too distant future

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