Parliament 9780857520685 Parliament – The Biography, the first of two volumes covers the story of our greatest national institution from Parliament’s earliest days in the fourteenth century up to the end of the eighteenth century when Parliament first truly began to take on its modern form.
Chris tells this epic tale through the extraordinary characters at the heart of the action, it is a vivid, colourful account of the people whose passions and obsessions, strengths and weaknesses have made us what we are today. The book is a fascinating and authoritative history of the institution at the heart of Britain.
Mary Beard enjoyed this wry view of the history of Parliament “from the inside” and calls Chris a myth-buster. And Ken Clarke took great pleasure from “this remarkably readable and scholarly account of the emergence of the British Parliament and its in-depth view of the past”.
This promises to be an interesting and informative event.

Friday, 2nd May 2014

The Author/Chris Bryant

CB2Chris Bryant is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Rhondda since 2001 and the Shadow Minister for Borders and Immigration since 2011. He was previously the Minister of State for Europe and the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

His previous books include a biography of Sir Stafford Cripps and Possible Dreams, a personal history of the British Christian Socialists.

Chris who is no stranger to public speaking was educated at Cheltenham College and then Oxford and is a familiar face on Question Time.

Highly entertaining talk by Chris Bryant

Chris quickly established a great rapport with his audience. This was no “dry old history lecture”, it was a fascinating insight into the evolution of our Parliament by a highly skilled and articulate speaker with a great fund of frequently amusing anecdotes to illustrate his talk. The audience included a party of students from the history department of Cowbridge Comprehensive School,

After the presentation attendees had the chance to purchase signed copies of “Parliament – The Biography” and also to enjoy a chat and a glass of wine with Chris Bryant. Organisers of the festival were inundated with people asking if Chris would be invited to return to discuss Volume II of his book. Well the good news is that he has agreed to come back on Friday 24th October

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