The Illusionists

The Illusionists

The Illusionists represents an exciting new direction for Rosie Thomas – a shift in setting and tone – whilst building upon her much-loved and familiar story-telling abilities. With a rich cast of new characters and human dilemmas that will greatly appeal to all her fans, The Illusionists is set to emulate the runaway success of her last novel, The Kashmir Shawl, which has sold 300,000 copies to date.

‘There is no such thing as magic.
There is only truth.’

With impeccable research and pitch-perfect prose, The Illusionists is an enthralling, haunting tale that confirms Rosie Thomas as one of the most captivating storytellers of her generation.

Friday, 4th April 2014

The Author / Rosie Thomas

rosie thomas spotty jpeg Rosie Thomas is the author of a number of celebrated novels, including the award-winning Iris and Ruby and The Kashmir Shawl which was published in 2012 to great critical acclaim. In a writing career spanning 30 years and more than 20 bestselling novels, Rosie Thomas has been highly praised for her storytelling and creating characters that her readers really care about. A keen traveller, she has climbed in the Alps and the Himalayas, competed in the Peking to Paris car rally, travelled the Silk Road through Asia and trekked in the footsteps of Shackleton in South Georgia.
Rosie believes that her travelling and writing are interdependent, and that one informs and enables the other.

Adventurer Rosie Captivates Festival

Not only is Rosie a great writer and story teller she is also a very articulate speaker and she quickly engaged with the large responsive audience who were clearly captivated by this very impressive woman.
Rosie told how her adventures have stood her in good stead, providing her with material for a great variety of story lines, frequently based in exotic locations and described in such detail to the delight of her readers.

After the presentation and a lively Q & A session attendees had the chance to purchase signed copies of Rosie’s latest book The Illusionists and enjoy a chat and a glass of wine with the author.

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